How do I spread the word about fundraising?

Promoting your cause to your family, friends, co-workers and supporters is your most important task. Remember, if no one knows about your cause, you won't reach your goal.

We have provided a simple way to promote your cause. Go to your Admin or use and Navigate to the Marketing section or use the  Hamburger_Icon.png to access Share and Support page in your mobile app. There you can

  • Send emails
  • Print flyers 
  • Post to social media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, 
  • Add banners and links to your site

Promote your ShopRaise account at events – ask attendees to download the mobile app at the event. Some examples:

  • Board Meetings - Create a viral campaign by asking your board to share with 10 family and friends.
  • Fundraising Events
  • Include information in your newsletter



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