Get the most out of your Monthly Marketing Materials

One of the best ways to promote your ShopRaise program is add a section to your newsletter or supporter communications. 

While talking generally about a shopping program is great, supporters tend to have a better reaction to specific specials and deals that they can understand and can really boost your fundraising results in a short time. 

Here are some of the best ways to use these offers -

  • Newsletter - Add a section to your newsletter with an offer of the week or month. Pick one or more of these offers feature in a shop to support section as a permanent part of your newsletter to your supporters. ShopRaise has offers happening all year-round so there is always a great deal that can significantly boost your earnings.
  • Direct Email - One of the best ways to promote these deals is through a direct email or as part of an engagement campaign. Don't forget that supporters that take advantage of these offers can make additional purchases all year long.
  • Social Media Campaign - Add these offers to your social media schedule. Frequency depends on the social media platform and how often you post. We recommend 2-3 times a week for each offer.
  • Website listing - Add these offers to your website listing or blog.  The best placements are typically high traffic pages such as the home page, other ways to support or blog.
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