Incorporate ShopRaise into your events

Events, whether virtual or in person, are the best way to boost your ShopRaise program. Most organizations focus solely on the primary event goal and neglect to consider post event engagement. At these event you typically have some of your most engaged and enthusiastic supporters. This is the perfect place to promote other ways that your supporters can become engaged with your organization. ShopRaise is a great program can have great impact at your events and will help in maintaining enthusiasm and momentum.  

This works for any event - Walks, Runs, Auctions, Galas. Back to School Nights and Community Events are just a few ways to promote your account.

Pre Event

The primary goal of any event promotion is to get people to attend your event, however it's also a great time to start laying the foundation for your post event activities. Here are some great ways to incorporate ShopRaise into your event:

  • Website - Make sure to have a ShopRaise listing on your website before you start, It gives supporters an easy way to signup for your ShopRaise program.
  • Emails / Promotional Material - Add a ShopRaise banner on the bottom of event emails, and invitations. This gives recipients the ability to take action to support your cause now while registering for the event. 
  • Event Registration - Many organizations ask supporters to signup or register for the event. Make signing up for ShopRaise a step in the registration process. Add a message / banner after registration to support your cause through everyday shopping. 
  • Post Signup Communication - After a participant signs up for your event add a ShopRaise message to your post signup communications, giving supporters a way to participate right away.

During Event

Because ShopRaise has a mobile app, during the event is one of the easiest ways to get your supporters to signup and start supporting. There are many ways you can incorporate ShopRaise into your physical event. 

  • Check in - Attendees typically have to check in to the events that they are attending. This is a great time to ask the user to download the ShopRaise app or to give them a flyer about the program. 
  • Flyers - You can pass out flyers during check in, or leave them on the tables for supporters to read. Be sure not to rely just on the flyers make an announcement as well. 
  • Announcement - Make an announcement about the ShopRaise program during the event. Explain the benefits of the program and ask people to download the app right there. 
  • Mini Activity - Another great way is to make signing up for ShopRaise a mini activity. Explain the program, get them to signup and maybe offer a prize. Make it fun!

Post Event 

Don't forget to follow up your event with additional calls to action. After an event your supporters are typically engaged and enthusiastic about your cause, post event is a great time to give your supporter other ways to support including ShopRaise.

  • Post Event Emails - Add a ShopRaise banner to your post-event thank you email. Ask them to continue supporting your organization by getting the ShopRaise app.


To start out you need to determine how you want to incorporate ShopRaise into you event. We provide custom marketing materials that will help you make your event successful.

  • Get a Flyer - Contact ShopRaise to get a custom flyer for your event that includes a QR code that links to your landing page. This makes it really easy for your attendees to use their phones’ camera to scan the QR code and get the app.
  • Contact Us for Help - If you have any questions or would like some help contact us. 

Sample Event Script (ShopRaise Description)
“Thank you for attending this event, we appreciate your support! [Name of Organization] has partnered with ShopRaise a program where you can support our cause with your everyday shopping at almost 1,000 retailers. Places like Macy’s, Home Depot, Walmart, Expedia, Petco and so many more, almost everything you buy can help support our cause.

Here is how it works –

Get the app on mobile and desktop. Please take out your phone and get the app

Please continue supporting our organization with your online shopping by downloading the ShopRaise app today. When you shop online at about 1,000 retailers ShopRaise contributes a portion to our organization.

The app is free, and you do not pay anything more to help our cause. Please take out your phone and get the app. Scan the QR code on our flyer.


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