Social Media Post Template 3 - Support our cause with everyday shopping

To make things easier for you we have created several social media templates. We have found that doing 1-2 social media posts a week works quite well. It’s ok to repeat posts as it may take several views before a supporter will takes action.

Don't Forget to add the following to your post:

  • Landing Page Link (Your landing page link can be found on your Cause Admin)
  • Mission
  • Cause Name

Support our cause with everyday shopping

Long Version (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google)

(Right click on the image or click on the image link and copy the content to add to you post.)



Whether it’s shopping for daily essentials like groceries, buying furniture for your home office, or even booking your next trip, the ShopRaise app lets you turn your everyday shopping into support for your favorite cause all at no additional cost to you. Want to learn more?  It is simple, get the ShopRaise mobile or desktop app and every time you make a purchase at a participating retailer, a percentage will support [Add Cause Name Here]. Click to download and start supporting us with every purchase: 

[Add your ShopRaise Landing Page link here]
#shoppingforgood #shopraise

Short Version (Twitter)

The ShopRaise app turns everyday shopping for groceries, furniture, essentials and more into support for our cause. Get the app, make a purchase to support [Add Cause Name Here]. It’s free and easy.

 [Add your ShopRaise Landing Page link here] #shoppingforgood #shopraise

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