Tips and Best Practices to get the most out of your ShopRaise program

Champions and how it works

With a Champion program, you can let people who support your cause (even if they cannot make a large donation) feel like they are having a big impact on meeting your goals.  It is a great way to engage a wider audience in fundraising. 

How does this work? Your nonprofit identifies a core group of Champions, who then download, share, and shop using the app. They will click through to a link that signs them up for ShopRaise’s peer to peer program, making it easy for them to share the app with friends and family.

How is this different than other marketing? Because these are your core supporters, the ask is not just around downloading the app – it is about sharing ShopRaise with their own network. 

How many do I need? We recommend aiming for a group of at least 50-100 for charities, 10-40 for teams and schools. Smaller groups can work if they are highly engaged.  The key is that they are people who really care about the work that you do and are willing to spread the word to their friends and family.

Where can I find my Champions? In general, we find the following groups work well:

  • Staff
  • Board
  • Affiliate Group
  • Associate Boards
  • Volunteers
  • Parents/Individuals served
  • Players / Coaches

How do I manage my Champion program? The great thing about this program is that once you’ve sent the initial invitation, the program is automated – ShopRaise will send the confirmation email, materials to share, and let your Champions know how many people have signed up. 


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