Launch Plan

Success Plan

As you plan your ShopRaise launch, there are four critical steps that we have found that make nonprofits more successful in maximizing the number of people who download and use the application:

1. Recruit your Champions – Champions are key stakeholders who will download, shop, and share the applications. Recruiting your Champions will dramatically increase your ShopRaise results. Engaging your Champions in downloading and sharing the application can expand the circle of people who learn about it.

We recommend aiming for a group of at least 50-100 for charities, 10-40 for teams and schools. Smaller groups can work if they are highly engaged.  The key is that they are people who really care about the work that you do and are willing to spread the word to their friends and family. In general, we find the following groups work well:

  • Staff
  • Board
  • Affiliate Groups
  • Associate Boards
  • Volunteers
  • Parents/Individuals served
  • Players / Coaches

2. Focus on targeted emails, social media, and outreach in the first three weeks – Send your community multiple messages through all your marketing channel. This will ensure that they know about ShopRaise and how it can help.

During the first three weeks, it is important to send out at least 1 – 2 communications a week about ShopRaise to your key stakeholders. Here are best practices around this initial marketing push:

  • Emails – You will also find sample emails included in the Welcome Kit. While you can include ShopRaise in other communications, we have found that sending out at least two dedicated ShopRaise emails leads to increased open and click through rates.  
  • Facebook & Social Media – To make things easier for you, you will find sample social media posts included in the Welcome Kit. We have found that doing 1-2 social media posts a week works quite well. It is ok to repeat posts as it may take several views before a supporter will acts. Learn how boosting your posts help increase your success.

The messages you send will encourage your supporters to become champions and share the app with their family and friends. The great thing about this program is that once they signup, the program is automated – ShopRaise will send the confirmation email, materials to share, and let your Champions know how many people have signed up. 

3. Events – Announcing ShopRaise at your virtual and physical events is the easiest way to promote your program. Ask event participants to download the app.

    • Leading up to the Event – Add a ShopRaise banner on the bottom of event emails, and invitations, or as last step of signup or registration. The more touchpoints your supporters have with the program the more likely they will participate.
    • During Event – Ask attendees to get the ShopRaise app during the event. Include flyers in goodie bags or pass them out to attendees.
    • Post Event – Add a ShopRaise banner / message to your post-event thank you or send out a dedicated email asking them to continue supporting your organization by getting the ShopRaise app.

4. Set up long-term ways to keep your audience engaged – After your initial marketing efforts, it can be tempting to assume that your ShopRaise campaign is finished. But to maintain long term success, it is important to continue promoting the app. After the first three weeks, 2-3 social media posts a month can help keep the program in front of your supporters.

These are great ways to keep the message going and they do not require any additional effort or energy on your part once they have been put in place!

  • Add a footer – to your donation thank you letter and email messages. This is an easy way to remind your supporters that ShopRaise is another way they can help your cause.
  • Add ShopRaise to the “Other Ways to Give to your website” – This lets your supporters that you are participating in the ShopRaise program and that it is an additional way to support your cause.
  • Add ShopRaise as a permanent part your newsletter – It is another way to keep the program in front of your audience.
  • Going Forward – ShopRaise will send you regular marketing materials including email and social media content. These are generally centered around specific holidays or current events and can be a great way to keep your communications fresh and engaging!
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