Email Template - Message to Staff

We have prepared some emails to kick-off your ShopRaise program. While you can include ShopRaise in other communications, we have found that sending out at least two- three dedicated ShopRaise emails leads to increased open and click through rates.  

Don’t forget to add the following to your email

  • Cause Name
  • Landing Page Link (Your landing page link can be found on your Cause Admin)
  • Name of Sender

(Right click on the image or click on the image link and copy the content into your own email system)

Target: Send this to your coworkers, team members, staff members, etc.

Subject Line: ShopRaise for [Add your Cause Name Here]!

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Dear [Add your Cause Name Here] Team-

We know how committed you are to the work we do every day. Now there is an easy way for you to support our mission through your everyday shopping! We are excited to announce that is going to be launching a program called ShopRaise. ShopRaise allows supporters to raise money for their favorite nonprofit organizations through online purchases at over 1,000 stores. 

Part of making ShopRaise successful is recruiting a core group of Champions. As staff members, you will be receiving an email asking you to join our Champion group.

As a Champion, you simply do three easy things:

  1. Click the link below to get the ShopRaise app
  2. Use tools in the mobile app to share it with family and friends
  3. Shop online to support our organization and help us reach our fundraising goals

The best thing is the program is free, you do not pay any more for the items you buy, and you get access to all the best coupons and deals.

The link to the ShopRaise application can be found at [Add your Landing Page Link]

Feel free to explore and send any feedback to me.

Thank you so much in advance!

[Name of Sender]

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